Friday, 24 March 2017

Five smart steps to improve learning power for your KIDS

We often failed to understand our KIDS learning capacity. Very often we think our KIDS spend much time in the study but learn less because of their poor learning capacity.But the truth is traditional learning system is the main barrier for improvements of their learning power. If you're parents then this article helps you to improve your KIDS learning power following few steps from the New work times best selling book "How we learn" by Benedict Carey.

1) Water Your Brain:

Taking a break in study session improve learning power rather than continuously long study sessions. A study shows the spacing effect and distributed learning improve performance 46%.  there are few reasons for this. when we see a movie we can remember first and last part compares to the middle part. it is because of our brains concentrate welly on the first part and last part in every session.

So for better learning session should be short. Another reason if we forget something which is learned earlier and try hard to recall it then it will make permanent space in our brain. For example, studying one topic in separate session is better than a continuously long session. 

2) Untested fluency is an illusion:

when we study any topic many times it appears that we understand it perfectly. then we leave this topic and start another topic to learn but when the exam comes the same topic we can't recall this topic. This called fluency illusion. When anything in front of our eyes brain tells us it is memorized but actually it is not. So it is better reading a topic four-time than reading once and try to recall it three times. That means twenty percent reading and eighty percent reciting better way of learning.

3) Study in different places in different time:

Recent research shows fixing routine, time and place for learning is not a good idea. Science says something else here. The researcher takes two of groups of students for a test. In the first group, students were instructed to memorize 50 words in 20 minutes in a single room and on the other side second group were instructed to memorize 50 words within 10 minutes each in two difference room. After the test researcher found that the first group able to memorize 16 words on an average and while the second group memorizes 24 words.

4) Test-Teach-Mix:

We read many things and we also forget it quickly. To overcome this problem we have to gain mastery in every topic. In order to be a master in every topic, we can follow three step. that is test, teach and mix. first, self-testing. it means after reading something try to test ourselves by folding books ask thyself "what it is the topic about?". Next one is teaching. It means try to teach someone what we learn.  anything we read or learn we also need to discussing with another person. He/she may be our younger brother or friends etc. For this don't need to be master of this topic. If we start teaching almost everyone sooner we will be a master of this topic. The third one is mixing.  It's like miscellaneous of a book. It contains many things. So after reading any topic try to create a problem and also solve it by linking many topics.

5) Enough Sleep Plus Short Nap is very helpful:

Adequate Sleeping and Napping is good for learning. Reachercer shows the person take a nap after reading he memories better than other. Many scientists think that when we sleep our subconscious mind pass information to our brain. For this after a good sleep, we become fresh. Taking a nap in a day is not bad at all.

Now come to the point of sleep. when the exam comes, what is the best time for sleeping at night? As per human nature, scientists says that the best time for sleeping is 11 pm to 7 am. At least 6-hour sleep is a must. If an exam is theory based than early sleep is good so that body take enough time to pass information subconscious mind to brain. But if it is mathematical formula based exam than sleeping late is good as per science.

After reading this article I know what you are thinking right now. You are going to implement those smart step for your KIDS right? yes, we should cope up good things right away. It's a new look at learning process. Happy learning.

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